This week on Most Heroic we will once again be covering a different subject and a different format than in weeks before. Since yours truly is a big fan of the WWE, and this being WrestleMania 29 week, I decided to give my predictions for the event, and who I think will triumph .

For those who wonder how this has anything to do with cinema or my focus on heroes, I’ll point to the nature of the sports entertainment business. They’ve always had the different groups of heroes and villains, which are referred to as babyfaces and heels respectively. They do tell stories through the outcomes of the matches, but not just the classic struggle of good and evil. There’s a lot of personal stories going on here, and I’ll touch on each ones for each match. Besides, this is my column, and this week, I want to talk wrestling!

As always, I expect this year to be an opportunity for the ‘faces to shine, and for the younger talent to go over. Certainly some of the heels shall win, but I think overall, WrestleMania 29 will end up with more potential for heroics. There will also be plenty of swerves, and I’ll do my best to predict them based on what we already know, and how the match has already been booked.

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