5: Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big E. Langston w/ AJ Lee

Left to right: Daniel Bryan, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Big E. Langston

Left to right: Daniel Bryan, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Big E. Langston

This one came as a bit of surprise when it was announced, but it does make a good amount of sense. Kane, Bryan and Ziggler all have a shared romantic history with AJ Lee, and WWE does like to use her since her “crazy chick” gimmick allows her to make some really surprising developments.

I think the company owes Bryan a win after his somewhat disrespectful 18-second loss to Sheamus last year in Miami, and as a thank-you for all the work he’s done since then. His tumultuous partnership with Kane has been one of the more consistently entertaining parts of the company since last summer, and they’ve had some really good matches while being the champions.

However, I think that the winners will end up being Dolph Ziggler & Big E. Langston. Defeating Team Hell No will give Ziggler’s little entourage more credibility and momentum for the future. It’ll also give the inexperienced Langston the opportunity to learn a bit more before he gets ready for singles competition.

I expect that AJ will eventually distract either Kane or Daniel Bryan long enough for Ziggler to score the pinfall for one of them.

Winner: Ziggler & Langston

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