1: Pre-show match: Intercontinental Championship Match: Wade Barret (c) vs The Miz.

Wrestlemania 29

Wade Barrett, The Miz

This is one of the matches on the card that doesn’t really have too much story behind it. It isn’t like these two have been feuding for the last few months or anything like that. Their conflict only started a few weeks ago with a Triple Threat match with Chris Jericho, and it really doesn’t mean anything. The only thing at stake is the ICC, which both men have held within the last year.

Wade Barrett returned from injury a few weeks after Raw 1000 with a new finishing move, the Bull Hammer elbow, and has been pushed since he got back. He’s looked very strong ever since winning the strap from Kofi Kingston on the last Raw of 2012. On the other hand, Miz has been recently been mentored by the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair, and has even adopted the Figure-Four Leglock as his own.

Honestly, I don’t see Miz winning the belt back here. It wouldn’t mean anything, and it would take a lot of momentum from Barrett, who seems to need it more than Miz right now.

Winner: Barrett

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