Finally some Ninja Turtles news I can actually appreciate. As of now, all the major casting has been anything but inspired. We all heard the glorious announcement of Megan Fox playing April ‘O Neil. Then a bunch of unknowns were signed to take on the turtles. Now, Will Arnett is set to board the property in an unknown role.

Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesTHR currently says the role is a secret at this point but they know for sure Arnett won’t play Casey Jones. However, no specifics are known exacty whether  the actors doing the turtle mo-cap are actually voicing the characters. So, it’s likely Arnett could voice a turtle or even the sensei rat Splinter.

Will Arnett is hilarious in just about anything he’s placed in and I can actually see his presence fitting well into the property. I can see him voicing the cranky Ralphael. Arnett plays the likeable asshole role the best.

Ninja Turtles is scheduled for June 6, 2014!

Source: THR