The Flash offered up a fun final take for the DCU that Zack Snyder built and filled it with Flash Easter eggs. This meant that director Andrés Muschietti could have some fun at the same time. Since The Flash was all about creating a version of the Flashpoint storyline, this movie could change the entire DCU, while also paying homage to the past DC properties. To do so, there were a ton of great cameos in the movie from characters in both DC Comics and past DC properties.

Here is a look at every DC character who appeared in The Flash movie.

The Flash (Barry Allen)

The Flash movie review

It would be silly to ignore Barry Allen here. However, there were actually more Flashes than just the DCU Barry Allen. When he tried to fix his past, he ended up in another timeline where he met that world’s Barry Allen. He helped him get his powers, which meant there were two Flashes running around. There was also a moment later in the movie where they met an older version of that alternate Barry Allen, who was still trying to fix his past. That is three Barry Allens in one Flash movie. Sadly, there was no Grant Gustin Flash Easter egg in the movie.

DCU’s Justice League

Justice League from the DCU

At the start of the movie, Ben Affleck got one last ride as Batman, as he was chasing bad guys while Flash was saving people at a hospital. Affleck’s Bruce was also there to talk to Barry and warn him against time travel. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman showed up at the end of that fight as well. Superman showed up in a news broadcast saving people at a volcano. Aquaman showed up in the post-credits, completely drunk. Cyborg was the only member who never appeared as a Flash Easter egg.

Iris West

Barry Allen talks to Iris West in The Flash

Iris West showed up as an old friend of Barry’s from college. She is now a reporter and has been covering his dad’s appeal. The two also shared a moment where she thought she saw him recently and he denied it, which might be a wink at a Zack Snyder’s Justice League Flash Easter egg, where he saved Iris from getting hit by a car.

General Zod

General Zod in The Flash movie

Michael Shannon was back as General Zod after his role in Man of Steel. However, in this situation, he was not there for Superman, since Kal-El never made it to Earth in this timeline. He also wasn’t going to lose this time around.

Batman (Michael Keaton)

One of the biggest selling points of the movie was seeing Michael Keaton back as Batman. This really wasn’t the Batman from the Tim Burton movies, but was instead a Batman who had retired after Gotham City became a peaceful, law-abiding town. However, he was still a very smart Batman and still a great hero, even after the years had passed him by.


Supergirl in The Flash movie

As for Supergirl, she was very different in this movie. She wasn’t the pure character fans got used to in the TV series on The CW. Instead, she had been captured when she was young and was held captive away from the sun until Flash saved her in this movie. She didn’t seem to care about humanity, but let Barry Allen’s kindness influence her. She was there to protect her cousin Kal-El, but he never arrived and she was meant to stop General Zod or die trying.

The Speed Force Flash Easter eggs

The Flash Easter eggs in the Speed Force

When Barry Allen was going through the Speed Force trying to change the past, he ended up watching universes everywhere exploding, imploding, and otherwise ceasing to exist. It was here that audiences got to see some of the best Flash Easter eggs of the movie. Christopher Reeve and Helen Slater were both together, reuniting the 1980s versions of the movie characters. Geroge Reeves’s Superman was shown in a black and white photo. Nicolas Cage’s Superman from the never-made Tim Burton Superman Lives movie even made an appearance in the exact form he was meant to appear in that movie.

Adam West’s Batman appeared from the classic Batman TV show. There was also an image of the classic Batman from the 1940s serials that showed up as well. Jay Garrick’s version of Flash appeared in the Speed Force (it was Teddy Sears from The Flash TV series). It was a huge moment for DC fans.

Batman (George Clooney)

George Clooney as Bruce Wayne

The lesson that Barry Allen learned was not to change the past because it could break the future. He changed the past anyway one more time to help free his dad from prison after all those years. However, while his actions seemed to have no consequences, they had one that he never saw coming. When Bruce Wayne showed back up to see him after his dad’s court case, it was no longer Ben Affleck. It was George Clooney (from Batman & Robin) in the last major Flash Easter egg, meaning Barry officially wiped Ben Affleck’s Batman out of existence in his world.