One of the most exciting superheroes in the new Justice League movie by DC Comics and Warner Bros. was Aquaman. Jason Momoa was awesome as Aquaman, and his performance alone makes his upcoming solo film even more exciting. To add to the excitement levels, James Wan is directing the movie, and he just released a great New Years photo that might hint at some massive spoilers for the upcoming film.

Fans of Aquaman in DC Comics know that he lost his hand at one time and ended up with an iconic armored hook in place of his missing hand. In the New Years photo by James Wan, he showed off the hook, making some wonder if that will end up in the upcoming Aquaman movie.

While this seemed exciting, James Wan responded to a response on Twitter by saying that he was not teasing the hook hand of Aquaman. As long as Wan is saying that this is not a hint at a hook hand, there is little reason to believe that Aquaman in the movies will end up losing his hand.

However, the big news about this tweeted photo is that James Wan is promoting his upcoming Aquaman movie, one of the top films for comic book geeks coming out. Geoff Johns, who used critics of Aquaman as characters in his New 52 series, worked on the script with Wan.

Jason Momoa and Justice League went a long way to make Aquaman a legitimate superhero and not the joke he became thanks to Super Friends and Robot Chicken. Now, James Wan has a chance to make him even better.

Aquaman hits theaters on Dec. 21, 2018.