The history of the Halloween franchise is a strange one. There were the first two movies and then the entire franchise decided to focus on a non-Michael Myers story. After that, it moved back to Michael Myers but started to focus on a new protagonist in the young girl named Jamie Lloyd.

In 1998, Halloween H20 brought back Laurie Strode but then killed her off in 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection. In 2007, Rob Zombie rebooted the franchise with Scout Taylor-Compton taking on the role of Laurie and starting things from the start. After two movies, it was time to reboot it again.

That reboot is coming with the new Halloween movie, which will come out in 2018. David Gordon Green is the director, and John Carpenter is returning to the franchise he created as a producer. Carpenter will also work on the score, which is hugely exciting for fans of the franchise.

Omega Underground reported that the shooting for the new Halloween reboot movie will kick off this month (January 2018) in South Carolina. The huge news is that Jamie Lee Curtis is returning as Laurie Strode and it will follow the first movie, ignoring all the rest of the series (effectively its fifth rebooting). There is also word that the new Halloween movie won’t deal with gore but will be a suspenseful horror movie, similar to the original.

Judy Greer (Ant-Man) will star as the daughter of Laurie Strode with Jamie Lee Curtis returning to the role that made her famous. Nick Castle, the man who portrayed the original Michael Myers, is returning to the role as well.

The official release date for the new Halloween reboot movie will be October 19, 2018.