There have been major changes when it comes to the creative forces behind Marvel movies. They came earlier this year and the first movie that was made after these changes was Captain America: Civil War, which hits theaters in 2016. The change was to dissolve the creative committee, which some felt was hindering the progress of some movies.

When asked how this effected Marvel movies in general, Captain America director Joe Russo said that fans won’t notice a difference on the screen. He said that Kevin Feige is still in charge and is the “brains behind Marvel” and the movies won’t change.

He also feels that these changes are positive for the creative process.

“I just think, from a political standpoint, the machinations of the studio have become more streamlined,” Russo said. “Does that make for a better creative storytelling? Yes, absolutely because it’s easier for my brother and I to sit in a room with Kevin and discuss storytelling, and to come to creative decisions, and move through those decisions much quicker.”

This really will be evident when fans see Captain America: Civil War. The Russo brothers also directed Captain America: Winter Soldier, which is one of Marvel’s best movies, and was directed under the guidance of the creative committee. It remains to be seen if this movie is an improvement over that superior film without the committee.

That might not actually matter here.

“Just to speak to our experience on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we didn’t have a whole lot of interaction with the committee,” Anthony Russo said. “So, for us on a personal level, I don’t know if it will be that different because we’ve never engaged with them that much anyway.”

With that said, part of this might have to do with the entire Edgar Wright/Ant-Man fiasco. While Ant-Man turned out to be a fantastic movie, it still turned a lot of fans off before it hit. However, Marvel has always been great at luring great, and interesting, directors, including Joss Whedon for the first two Avengers movies and James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy.

As long as the quality remains, that is all that really matters.