The mission that Tom Cruise has chosen to accept has taken on an adversary much greater than any in the Mission: Impossible franchise history. In 2015, the adversary that Ethan Hunt and company will battle is Star Wars: Episode VII, as the Mission Impossible 5 release date will be Dec. 25, 2015 and will have direct competition from the next Star Wars movie, which hits theaters the week before.

Star Wars: Episode VII is the kind of movie that could (will) win the box office in its opening weekend and then hold that spot until sometime in February. However, that would be tragic news for Mission: Impossible 5, since it is coming off the best movie in its entire franchise with Ghost Protocol.

Now, the new movie will not have the spectacular Brad Bird in charge, as he has his own movie coming out in the summer, another hot spot of 2015 that also includes The Avengers and Batman vs. Superman. Bird’s Tommorrowland has a better chance of knocking off those movies than M:I 5 has of beating out Star Wars.

Also hitting that day is Ben Affleck’s next directorial effort, Live by Night.

The new Mission: Impossible movie will see Drew Pearce, who wrote the fantastic Iron Man 3, scripting the movie while Christopher McQuarrie will direct the film. McQuarrie, who wrote The Usual Suspects, also directed Tom Cruise in the fantastic Jack Reacher.

What are your thoughts about the new Mission Impossible 5 release date? Was it a mistake or can it hold its own against Star Wars? Chime in below.

Source: The Wrap