D-Rock broke some big news two days ago about Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods, Angel, Buffy) coming on board to write the Daredevil Netflix series. That is pretty awesome news that makes the series even more anticipated. Next, the news broke that Melissa Rosenberg will be writing Jessica Jones Marvel series.

Rosenberg wrote five of the Twilight movies.

That sound you just heard was Marvel Comics fans everywhere slamming their heads against their desks.

Well, its not all bad news, as Rosenberg has also wrote 11 episodes of Dexter (none after Season 4) and was the consulting producer on the underrated DC Comics TV series Birds of Prey. Then again, she wrote both the first Twilight movie and New Moon, so all her get out of jail free cards are used up.

For those unfamiliar with the comics, Jessica Jones is a newer hero, created in 2001. She is a private investigator who has superhuman strength and worked mostly for other superheroes. She ended up hooking up with Luke Cage (another upcoming Netflix hero) when the two were working for Daredevil (see how all this is tying together?) and then ended up as his Baby Mama.

Rosenberg was planning to make a Jessica Jones Marvel show back in 2010 as well, but that ended up nixed. This is her second chance. What are your thoughts about the person who created the cinema world of Twilight taking on a Marvel superhero show? Chime in below.

Source: Deadline