The Breakdown

Mellie has a guest in the White House. it’s a reporter that is doing a story on her. In a Flashback sequence (in California) we see Mellie and Fitz meeting Cyrus for the first time. Fitz is being prepped to run for governor and someday running for the White House. Olivia is about to leave her apartment when her phone rings. On the other end is Fitz. He wants to know if she is safe. He also tells her to stay away from Jake because Jake has a price on his head. Fitz tells her to stop digging on Remington because it’s dangerous, Olivia hangs up. At the office Olivia is with Huck and Jake. The rest of the team walks in. Olivia tells them about her new client, her mother. There are pictures of her mom and the plane crash on the wall.

Everything's Coming up MellieFlashback of Cyrus speaking with Mellie, Fitz and Jerry (Fitz’s dad) going on his strategy to take California. Fitz is against using his military background to win over voters. Cyrus and Jerry think this is a bad idea. Mellie and Cyrus are trying to pick out a hooker to set Daniel Langston up. Cyrus wants Sally to go out-of-town to cover the Reagan dinner for Fitz. Cyrus leaves Mellie office and Cyrus’ husband James wants to know why he isn’t doing Mellie’s interview. Cyrus tells him to take it up with the Press Secretary. At Olivia’s office she tells the team if they don’t want to work on this case they don’t have too. Olivia tells them that Fitz was in on the plane crash. The team still wants in.

Quinn is talking to Huck alone and Quinn says that she knew something was up with Olivia and her dad but didn’t think it led to B6-13. Quinn says she wants to help for all the right reasons. While going over more evidence, Abby finds the flight manifest from the plane crash and noticed a passenger is missing and thinks maybe it’s a mistake. Jake says that all plane crashes are looked into my a senate oversight committee. Fitz’ dad was head of the committee that investigated the crash in which Olivia’s mom died in.

Everything's Coming up MellieFlashback Fitz and his dad arguing because Fitz doesn’t want to use his military history. Jerry calls Fitz’ military experience a joke and that he never told him to sign up for black ops missions. Charlie is on his mission to get info of a cheating husband where he sees someone spying on him. He gets out of the car and finds Quinn hiding in the bushes. He tells her “I don’t mind being spied on but it’s getting cold out” and throws her a coat. He then throws her against the wall and kisses her. He tells her if she wants more call him tomorrow.

Mellie has Teddy in tow and sees Sally walking down the hall. She tells Sally that she heard Daniel was playing grab ass with an aide. Sally instantly dismisses her claim as a lie. Mellie is walking to the oval office (with the camera crew) and claims that Fitz always plays with Teddy no matter who is in there (the oval office). When she walks in she finds Fitz is not there. Flashback to Cyrus Jerry’s house. Cyrus says he doesn’t deal with family problems. Cyrus also tells her that she needs to take care of him. Fitz is going to have to be her job (not being a partner in a law firm) if she wants him in the White House. Mellie says come back tomorrow and Fitz will be ready.

Everything's Coming up MellieMellie gets on Cyrus for not showing us for the spot interview she was trying to do. She wants to know will Fitz be there for the real interview and Cyrus isn’t sure about Fitz’ intentions. Olivia’s team talks to the lady that worked the gate the night of the flight. She says a man named Omar Destin was taken off of the plane on the tarmac by the air marshal. Olivia’s team has to find out who this man is. Sally speaks to Daniel while helping him fix is bow-tie. She tells him that with her running as an independent they need to be mindful of who they hang around and she doesn’t want to have this conversation with him again.

Flashback Jerry Grant (Fitz’ dad) is talking to Mellie about Fitz being ungrateful. Jerry tells Mellie that Fitz shot down the flight from Global world 522 because there was a dirty bomb on board. He tells her that everyone on the plane would have died anyway and took out half the city of London. They had to say it was a mechanical failure or the lawsuit and press would not have been good for the United States. Jerry then proceeds to rape Mellie.

Everything's Coming up MellieMellie complains to Fitz about not showing up for the interview, she wants him to be there for her once. Mellie’s interview is about to begin and Mellie tells the reporter that Fitz is dealing with issue with the IMF and he will not be there. Mellie tries to postpone it until tomorrow. Fitz then walks in and they proceed to do the interview. The reporter says the American people questions Mellie’s sanity for airing Fitz’ affair in public. Mellie is lost for words when Fitz jumps in and tells them that Mellie can handle any question the reporter throws at her but their personal life is not one of them. Fitz suggest that they have moved past the incident and she should too. Olivia wants to know what the team has found on Omar. They haven’t found him yet but they have one of the employee’s that worked the runway. Jake is going to see him tonight.

Charlie is on his operation and is waiting for the security guard to leave. He is planning to drug him so he can proceed with his plan. Quinn is with him and she volunteers to do the dirty work. Charlie kisses her. Quinn walks into the building while on the phone with Charlie. He is coaching her. Quinn walks up and gives an excuse to why she is there. While signing in she asks the guard for another pen. When the guard gives it to her she pulls out the needle and drugs him. She tells Charlie her work is done and everything is clear. Charlie is not on the phone anymore. The guard starts foaming at the mouth then blood comes up. Quinn goes and touches the guard like a dumb ass and she sees he is dead. Quinn then runs out of the building.

Everything's Coming up MellieFlashback Mellie at Jerry’s house. Jerry is trying to apologize about being out and hand and Mellie gets him to drop it. Mellie tells him that he will support Fitz and tell him everything that he wants to hear. Before the dinner Mellie is thanking Fitz for taking the lead during the interview and giving a good performance. Fitz says he meant every word of it. At the dinner James tells Cyrus that he got fired via an email. The hooker that Cyrus and Mellie hired is having no luck with Daniel. Mellie comes over to Cyrus and Cyrus tells Mellie it’s a no go. Mellie tells Cyrus that the woman wasn’t Daniel’s type. Cyrus looks over and sees Daniel hitting on James.

Fitz has a detail team looking after Olivia and the secret service agent says Olivia doesn’t seem as if she’s in danger. Eli is walking into a building flashing a badge that says Rowan Pope asking to speak with Omar Drestin. Jake is going to the building that the security guard was murdered in. He is talking to Olivia at the same time. Quinn is crying in an alley trying to call Huck and he is not answering. Charlie finds her, shows her video footage of the buildings security tapes and tells her B6-13 owns her  and”Welcome to Wonderland.

In the White House the secret service agent is speaking to Fitz about Olivia’s mother. Jake tells Olivia the guard is dead and that someone is way ahead of them. Olivia thinks it’s her father. The secret service agent tells Fitz about Eli’s background and found an old picture of him. (Fitz didn’t know who Eli was beforehand.) Eli goes into the facility which is a jail and says “our daughter has been asking about you”. A woman comes from under the covers, the woman is Olivia’s mom. Flashback of a dinner were Mellie tells Fitz she is pregnant but its early. Fitz says he gonna name the child Jerry if it’s a boy.

The Analyst 

Mindfuck, Olivia’s mother is still alive and in jail? Damn where do we begin. This is why Eli was so nonchalant about his wife dying. But even worst she’s in the slammer, wdf? As far as Quinn goes this is exactly what she gets. Huck tried to tell her to stop chasing danger and now she’s posed to be in the middle of a murder investigation. I figure Charlie’s not gonna expose her until she doesn’t do what he says. Anyway some people never learn until it’s too late and for Quinn, it’s too late.

Now with Fitz, ok so he’s been sleeping with Olivia for about 4 years. (This is an estimate being he’s up for re-election) but he doesn’t know who her father is? I understand Olivia and her dad didn’t speak until recently but he’s the president of the United States. He couldn’t have pulled this information when he wanted to throw away his career for her? So back to Olivia’s mom being alive. I understand this is a TV show but it seems like Eli should have wrapped up these loose ends during the 20 year span that he was purporting this cover up. Not minutes before Olivia’s team is about to talk to key people involved.