There was a lot of great things about Pacific Rim and one of those things was Idris Elba making what might be the best rally the troops speech since President Bill Pullman in Independence Day. It is about time we see him get bigger roles and he has a couple of big ones coming up.

The first hits this month and is called Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom where he portrays the historic legend. While that should be great for fans looking to see Elba do some serious acting work, his action fans should be happy as well as he has signed on to the movie Bastille Day.

It sounds like Elba will be the main star, playing a U.S. operative who is supposed to interrogate and then make a young American boy disappear. This was because the boy was a chief suspect in a terrorist attack in Paris. However, when the attacks continue, proving the boy’s innocence, he realizes that the boy is his link to actually finding the real terrorists.

From that plot description, this movie could be the same as any number of action movies from the past 30 years, but the draw here is to see Idris Elba get the chance to lead an action movie on his own. Interestingly, Elba has signed on but there is no director attached yet. I’ll wait to see who comes on as the director before I give Bastille Day any recommendation, but Elba is a good start.

Source: Variety