While out promoting the imminent release of Pacific Rim,  inevitable rumors of Hellboy 3 have been swirling about Guillermo del Toro.

Toro, the inveterate tease, recently dropped this quote concerning a potential final installment to round out the Hellboy trilogy (via Shock Til You Drop):

“I hate giving pieces about it, but last night, we were at dinner and Ron [Perlman] said, ‘I would be very happy to do Hellboy again, when are we doing Hellboy 3?’ Thomas [Tull of Legendary Pictures] said, ‘I would love to see Hellboy 3.’ He didn’t say he would love to do it he just said he’d like to see it, but today, I’ll ask him.”

Later on, io9 made the huge mistake of following up with Tull — who responded when asked if Hellboy 3 was possible:

“Seeing as how we don’t own the rights to Hellboy, there may be lawyers who would get upset about that. But you know, in Guillermo’s world, maybe he can make that go away. I don’t know.” 

I imagine Tull spoke through gritted teeth to a shivering io9 intern who — upon Tull’s exit — promptly shit his pants. Wow, that guy sounds like a total ass.

Oh and there’s also talks of an Abe Sapien film or TV show. Doug Jones, the actor who played the physical presence of Abe in the two Hellboy films said:

“I’ve heard talk from Dark Horse Entertainment that that’s a possibility, whether it’s a movie franchise or a TV series even. In the Abe Sapien comic books and the BPRD comic-books he was a key character on his own, those are possibilities, I’ve heard a lot and all of it excites me because I would love to reprise Abe in any way shape or form, but mostly I would love to do it under the direction of Guillermo del Toro again.”

Meh, still seems equally as unlikely as a new Hellboy. Let’s hope no one ask Thomas Tull what he thinks.

SOURCE: Bleeding Cool