The fact that Warner Bros. rejected Joss Whedon’s proposed Wonder Woman movie before he went on to make one of the most successful superhero movies ever at Marvel is a legend that will likely go down in history as one of the biggest Hollywood flubs of all time. Whedon’s The Avengers became the most successful film of 2012, generating a greater  amount of attention general audience enthusiasm for a largely mediocre stable of Marvel universe movies.

Recently the director was asked by Crave Online about the rejection by Warner Bros. nearly six years ago, and if he ever had the urge to rub his overwhelming success in their faces:

“Early on. It’s like grief: there’s a period of anger where you’re like ‘hey, remember all those times when I told you it would’ve worked? THEY believed me, and it did! So now I’m going to get angry about stuff that I had pretty much dealt with.’

“So yeah, you do sort of want to have a ‘slap line’ of everybody you’ve ever worked for. But I’ve been luckier than most people so you get over that.”

I’m curious as to what made WB pass on Whedon’s Wonder Woman movie adaptation. After all, Whedon was primarily known at the time as a creator having great success in constructing strong female leads. And, let’s be honest, Wonder Woman isn’t exactly Batman or Superman, so it seems like it’d be a risk worth taking. Ah well.

SOURCE: ScreenRant