We recently reported on the rumor that the Ultimate Universe would be ending soon. However, one of the men who helped to create that same universe has spoken out to refute the rumor.

Brian Bendis sent out a tweet that definitively says that “the Ultimate Universe is NOT Cancelled.” It’s tough to think of a more reliable source than this one! Bendis remains one of the biggest writers that Marvel has, and he’s definitely someone who would know for a fact.

I’m pleased to hear that the Ultimate Universe isn’t ending yet. Even though I haven’t enjoyed most of the books the same way that I did before Ultimatum, Bendis’ own series Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man is still going strong, even with the new Spider-Man character, Miles Morales. It’s a fresh take, and it’s a genuinely enjoyable series with great characters that you can easily get wrapped into.

However, there is nothing to dispute the idea of an Avengers/Ultimates crossover storyline, and while the story could end up being very good, it annoys me that they feel they have to the two universes meet. There is really no reason why they should do that.

What do you think about this news that the Ultimate Universe will stick around? Why don’t you just tell us what you think in the comments below?

Source: Bleeding Cool