Few months back Dreamworks fast-tracked the adaptation of the Need for Speed videogame with Aaron Paul in the driver seat for the lead role. Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) recently caught up with Empire to discuss the new film. Mr. Paul reveals the surprise phone call from a particular famous director about tackling the property.


“[It was] all thanks to Steven Spielberg, because he loves Breaking Bad. It was like, ‘Yep, I’m going to give you this.’ I was in London when I got the phonecall. I think I said, ‘Really? Okay. Wow.'”

I would also share his enthusiasm if I received that phone call. I mean seriously, who can say no to Steven Spielberg? Also, I think it’s pretty awesome that we will get to see a Spielberg produced racing movie. He also suggest that the videogame adaptation is not what everyone will expect.

“Need For Speed is going to surprise everybody. I think a lot of people are thinking it’s going to be this car film, but it’s not that at all. There’s no actual narrative in the game, it’s just superfast cars with the point of view of the driver: his point of view as his car blasts around. And, of course, cops chasing them. It’s just plain make believe, pure imagination – it’s really, truly a blank canvas using really incredible supercars.”

I think the takeaway from this statement is that there is a ton of room for the writer’s  creativity. A much expanded universe of underworld racing or narrative can be explored. I’m definitely interested to see what the Dreamworks production team has in store for us with this one. The actor further revealed some tidbits about the highly anticipated conclusion of Breaking Bad. He starts off by saying, everyone is invited to his Breaking Bad finale party.

“I’ve mentioned a little hint on Twitter about inviting people out to watch the final episode with me. So here you go: I’m inviting the world to watch the final episode with the entire cast in the middle of Hollywood Forever Cemetery… First off, we’ll air the pilot and then the cast will all come up and say thank you to everyone for watching. Then we’ll watch the final episode with everybody there and all the proceeds will go to cancer research and drug rehab centres. There will also be one hell of a party.”

That is some insanely cool shit. I would pay some major bucks to attend that event if I had the money. Aaron Paul appears to have a very solid career ahead of him and all of his interviews strike me as someone who is down to earth. Kudos to you Mr. Paul.

Need for Speed  is currently slated for Febuary 7th, 2014, and Breaking Bad returns for its final eight episodes this Summer!


Source: Empire