One of the reasons that trying to beat other movie sites with the latest movie rumors is a mistake is because sometimes those rumors are not true. That seems to be the case with the latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 casting rumors from The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 castingWe reported a couple of days ago that Shailene Woodley’s role as Mary Jane Watson was cut from the Amazing Spider-Man 2. Of course, that was 100-percent true because it came from Woodley’s mouth, which was followed by Sony confirming it. That was actually a good thing, and I went so far as to express my opinion that Woodley was not someone I thought fit the Mary Jane role very well.

The very next day, sites jumped all over a rumor that Woodley had been cut from the franchise completely and that Sony was going with Sarah Gadon as Mary Jane Watson. These seemed to be unsubstantiated rumors and I was looking around for more info. Well, Variety has learned that Gadon is joining the cast of “The Amazing Spider-man 2,” she will only appear briefly, and she it is “100 percent confirmed” that she is not Mary Jane Watson.

So, really all that we know about the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 casting is that Mary Jane is not appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and that Sarah Gadon is joining the cast as someone who is not Mary Jane.

Source: Variety