Marvel has announced that Robert Downey Jr. has officially signed on the dotted line to return for The Avengers 2 & 3. No word on the terms (you know, dollars and cents) of the deal but one can only imagine that it has to be somewhat lucrative given the $50M Downey pocketed via his Avengers profit participation deal.

Think about that one. $50M for one movie! How does that make you feel, Robert?


Yeah, I’d be happy too…can you give us even a hint about how much you stand to bank from this new signing?


Fair enough.

Obviously this is good news for Marvel Films and the Avengers franchise. There has been no word on any plans for an Iron Man 4, and if I had to guess, I’d say having Downey return for a solo IM film is a long shot at this point. The ending of Iron Man 3 was a good close to the trilogy, and to be honest I just don’t see the actor wanting to return for another standalone chapter, unless perhaps it’s to commit something compelling like the “Demon in a Bottle” comic story line to celluloid…but given Tony’s trials with and conquering of PTSD (going through a wormhole to deliver a nuclear payoff to an alien mothership can have that effect) in Iron Man 3, even that could be seen as a tiny bit of “been there, kinda done that.” As a fan, I’m content to see Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark/Iron Man play out the rest of his Marvel film days as part of an ensemble (but make no mistake, he’s still a big deal) in Avengers flicks. What’s your take?

Source: IGN