One of the best parts of looking at comic book movies is picking out items the directors hide in their for the fan boys. Well, there are a lot of Man of Steel Easter eggs in the new Superman movie, and a number of them actually may lead to exciting things to come in the future of the Warner Bros. DC Comics universe.

We will start off with the most obvious one – which also happens to be one we told you about before the movie even came out. When Superman and General Zod are fighting in outer space at the end, and Zod uses a satellite as a weapon, the Wayne Enterprise logo in on the satellite. As if we didn’t already know, this means Batman and Superman live in the same world.

Another Man of Steel Easter egg spoiler that we already told you was in the movie is a sign for Blaze Comics, which is a great homage to Booster Gold. In the DC Comics world, Booster Gold is a time traveling superhero who came to our time, with knowledge of what happened in the past, to help save the day and become a star. Blaze Comics published comics based on the heroes exploits.

A final logo that was seen – twice – was that of LexCorp, both on a building and on a truck that was thrown at Superman. This foreshadows Lex Luthor’s arrival at some point in the new Superman universe.

That brings me to something that was not a Man of Steel Easter egg, but something even cooler. Remember when Clark was walking through the abandoned ship and found the sarcophagi with the former Krypton citizen’s bones? One of those sarcophagi was empty, which means there is a body unaccounted for.

I honestly believe that there is a body out there – alive or dead – that will cause Superman a lot of trouble in the future. My hypothesis is that Lex Luthor will be called in to investigate a body (either the missing one found or General Zod) to find out its weakness to help the military fight Superman if need be. This comes straight from the New DC 52 stories, and is a great way to introduce Luthor, not as an evil villain, but as an arrogant man helping the U.S. government protect people from Superman. Red Son also used this storyline, and Henry Cavill said that comic was an important part of preparing for his role.

Another Easter egg comes with Dr. Hamilton, who happens to be an employee of STAR Labs in the comics. STAR Labs in the old days did a lot of research into Superman, including how to beat him – which would tie into the Lex Luthor story I mentioned above. However, STAR Labs is also the company that caused the creation of Cyborg, the Teen Titans member who was promoted to the Justice League in the New DC 52.

One last Man of Steel Easter egg involved Carol Ferris (the military right hand for the General). Of course, Carol Ferris is the Green Lantern’s girlfriend, which could eventually bring Hal Jordan into the mix as well, preparing for a Justice League movie.

Did I miss any big Man of Steel Easter eggs? If so, let us know in the comments below.