Bruce Lee statueBruce Lee, the greatest martial artist of all time, the father of MMA, and one of the most important figures in history finally, has his own statue in the Chinatown district of LA. The Bruce Lee statue, created by an artist from China, and donated by the non-profit group, The Bruce Lee Foundation, found it’s unveiling falling on the mark of two anniversaries, the 40th anniversary of Bruce’s death, and the 75th anniversary of Chinatown.

It’s installation isn’t finalized, as the group still needs to raise $150,000 for a concrete base.

The Bruce Lee statue has Lee with his most famous weapon, the nunchuck, clearly inspired by the 3rd act of his most famous film, Enter The Dragon, where he’s taking on gangs of baddies.  It’s a pretty sweet statue, and any time that we can shine some light on Bruce Lee is awesome. He was so ahead of his time, and such a role model for focus, determination, and open mindedness.

I also feel like perhaps they need to work in a statue of Jim Jones, and Han from Enter The Dragon. And Han will have that bad-ass furry claw weapon. Honestly, it’s probably a good thing I’m not a rich man, or things like this would happen all over the place. You’d be driving down your local freeway, and right there in the middle of it would be a 10 foot tall statue of Ivan Drago from Rocky 4. And before I sent it out I’d take pictures of me punching it in the junk. You always gotta have that picture.

SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter