Man of Steel seems to be a very polarizing movie. While I can understand problems some people had with certain points, I feel overall it was a very fun Superman movie, possibly the best of them all, which is high praise considering my love for Superman II. David S. Goyer talked about some of the plot points recently, so beware of Man of Steel spoilers throughout this article




First, lets talk about Superman’s secret identity. One thing my wife always hated about Superman was that he put on glasses and no one knew who he was. She felt, as smart as Lois Lane is supposed to be, that was just too much of a suspension of belief for her. David S. Goyer seems to have felt the same way.

“I just thought it was silly,” Goyer said. “If you’re going to make her smart, if she’s going to be Superman’s love interest, Lois needs to stand on her own as a character; she needs to be really smart and have a lot of gumption … It strained credulity for me that it took Lois ten or twenty years to figure out that Clark was Superman. I call bullshit on it, especially if she’s sleeping with him. That was something that we talked about with DC, and said, ‘Maybe it’s time to move on from that.’ And maybe there are even people in Smallville that know. It’s not explicit, but we imply that maybe people in Smallville have put two and two together.

Next up is the talk about Superman killing General Zod at the end. I know a lot of people (even those who write for me here at Renegade Cinema) who can not get behind the fact that Superman killed someone. I thought it worked well in the theme of the story. Zod said he was not going to stop killing people on earth until he was dead. Superman was begging him to stop when he started to try to kill the people at the end, and when he realized Zod was not going to stop, he did the only thing he knew he could do to stop this madman. Then, Superman looked anguished and pained for what he did. I thought it was a perfect moral dilemma for a great hero and one that will probably haunt him. Others disagree. Here is what Goyer had to say.

“That was something that we had a lot of discussions about,” Goyer said. “One of the things that we’ve always tried to do with the Batman films and the Superman film is never accept something just because that’s the way it’s done in the comic books. That was never a good enough reason. It always had to make sense within our own universe or within the rules of our universe …┬áSo what happens with Zod… I feel like virtually everyone who’s seen the film accepts it, but Superman is not happy about it. He cries. That’s also the last link to his people.”

Finally, he drops a hint about what might come later on. In the comics, the world and the government have not always been on Superman’s side. They have worked hard to control him and always tried to have something ready to stop him in case he turned on them. The world has never completely trusted Superman. One question asked was about General Zod’s body. This death might serve another purpose down the line: what if the U.S. Government takes Zod’s body and examines it to find a weakness in Superman they can exploit if needed? What if a scientist like Lex Luthor is the man called in to find that weakness?

“I can neither confirm nor deny,” Goyer said when asked about Zod’s body. “But I will say that I did intentionally leave some loose ends, not as sequel bait, but just because I thought they were interesting.”

Check back in with Renegade Cinema later today for some of those “loose ends” as we talk about Easter eggs in the film and something that might point to the next obstacles for Superman.

Source: AICN