For fans hoping to see an Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 5 movie, your wish is his command, as the Austrian Oak has announced that he “will be back” to the role that made him a star. Maybe, Schwarzenegger realized with The Last Stand that he can’t sell a movie with his name anymore, because he is now locking into already established franchises.

While speaking at 21st Century Financial Education Summit seminar, Schwarzenegger said that the studios have asked him to return to the role of The Terminator for Terminator 5 and that the movie will start shooting in January 2014. This should get the movie ready for a release in an already crowded 2015 (Avengers 2, Star Wars Episode VII), or maybe 2016. Either way, the studios are running out of time, because James Cameron gets his franchise back in 2019.

Not only is Arnold hitching his belt to the Terminator franchise once again, but he has also signed on for The Expendables 3. This caused Escape Plan (Arnold and Sly’s prison escape movie) to get pushed back to an October release, so the two can concentrate on whatever they plan on doing in the third Expendables movie.

The addition of Schwarzenegger is just icing on the cake that already includes the addition of Jackie Chan and Nic Cage to the next crazed action movie. Now, casting Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 5 and Expendables 3 will hopefully give us one of our favorite action heroes back in movies more than a handful of people will see.

Source: Film School Rejects and IGN