There have been some hints drifting in that Marvel is not completely happy with director Alan Taylor’s work on Thor: The Dark World. Taylor has a lot to live up to while replacing Kenneth Branagh, and now with the Thor: The Dark World reshoots, it seems like Marvel is still trying to tweak the movie to satisfy their lofty standards.

While the idea that Marvel was reshooting parts of the movie was just rumors, a tweet by one of the film’s Gods shows that it is really happening right now, five short months before the release date.

Thor: The Dark World is supposed to take place mostly off of earth and deal with Thor battling the forces of the Dark Elves, mystical beings who want to plunge all the universe into darkness. With Kenneth Branagh’s best work in the firs Thor movie was the stuff on Asgard, that means that Taylor ha a lot to live up to. With his previous work on Game of Thrones, it seemed like he was a lock.

Now, not so much. Rumors began to swirl that Alan Taylor was asked to leave and not return until after Thor: The Dark World was in theaters. If this is the case, then who is directing the Thor: The Dark World reshoots? Of course, that earlier rumor could be false, but obviously something is up right now at Marvel.

Source: Twitter