Glitches and tech problems caused geeks across the world to cry out in frustration as they attempted to purchase badges for Comic-Con yesterday morning. I know this to be true because I was one of them angry geeks. Some faced long blank screens with a loading page leading to nowhere. Others faced a page saying that the site was filled to maximum capacity. One of my friends actually managed to make it through and was given a number in the waiting room only for it not to change or decrease. This was seriously the worst experience I’ve ever had purchasing anything online. As a fan it’s easy for me to complain about it but I have no viable suggestions for the consumer beast that Comic-Con has to deal with. However, they’re customer support can use a face-lift.

Deadline reports the timeline of how the whole event took place:

Passes went on sale this morning at 9:00 AM Pacific, and as disappointed fans found out via the convention’s Twitter account, they disappeared fast. By 9:53, 4-day badges and 4-day badges with access to preview night were gone. 15 minutes later, Friday and Saturday single day badges were snapped up and by 10:36 it was all over.

In the near future, hopefully Comic-Con someday can work out their over populated server problems. As for me, the entire process was very discouraging, and personally, I have zero interest in going after badges ever again. To everyone who manged to get a badge, I salute you.

San Diego Comic-Con begins July 17th!


Source: Deadline