With the recent news that Harrison Ford was coming back to the Star Wars movie world, I wondered what Han Solo would be doing in the films at his advanced age. I even pondered on whether they would kill him off, fulfilling the request he made when shooting The Empire Strikes Back.

With the new news, I am almost certain that could in fact happen. What better way to kick off the new trilogy than by killing a beloved character and having his children pick up the fight.

The news about the new movies indicate that the stars of the new Star Wars universe will in fact be the children of Han Solo and Princess Leia and the kids of Luke Skywalker. There is no word on whether the new world will bring in Mara Jade as Luke’s wife, but doing something different might upset the hardcore fans who followed the adventures in the extended universe.

Sure, they don’t really want to follow too much of that universe, else they be trapped into stories already told, but that is no reason to ignore all the characters.

In that universe, Han and Leia had three kids, twins and a younger boy, and if they keep that up in the new universe, they can just run with those kids leading the new generation without worrying about how they turned out in the extended universe.

The big thing here is to cast the kids smartly (meaning no Jake Lloyd or Hayden Christensen).

More news as it comes.

Source: Comic Book Movie