James Wray is the director of the Oklahoma short film Waystation, a movie that tells the story of a girl who dies and learns what happens in the afterlife.

What is Waystation about?

James Wray[Waystation] is about a girl that dies and finds out that, in the afterlife, you are assigned a sort of customer service rep to help you sort things out. Her rep hates his job.

What is it like having your short screened at the festival?

James Wray: This is the first film I’ve taken to deadCENTER and it is really exciting. I’m so happy to be a part of the festival and can’t wait to see all the great films that will be screening.

Do you think festivals like deadCENTER help contribute to a healthier culture of cinema? For example: does deadCENTER energize and stimulate Oklahoma filmmakers like yourself?

James Wray: I think deadCENTER definitely helps energize and inspire local filmmakers. It gives people like student filmmakers a good goal to shoot for. I definitely had deadCENTER in mind when I shot Waystation.

Why did you choose to submit your film to deadCENTER?

James Wray: I chose to submit to deadCENTER because I had been to the festival in previous years and really enjoyed the atmosphere of the thing.

What do you hope to gain from having your film screened at deadCENTER?

James Wray: I’m mostly hoping to make connections with other Oklahoma filmmakers, see a bunch of great films and have a good time.

Do you have any plans for Waystation after the festival?

James Wray: I do have future plans for Waystation, I will be submitting it into several festivals, big and small. (but I don’t wanna jinx anything)

James Wray is senior at the University of Oklahoma. His short film, Waystation, screened at Friday night’s Okie Shorts showcase at the deadCENTER film festival in Oklahoma City.