The 2013 deadCENTER Film Festival gave out its awards on June 8, and a number of fantastic films won on the year.

The Special Jury Award, which is the top of the ceremony, went to Worm. Arguably, one of the most unique and original movies in the entire festival, Worm is shot entirely in one shot (with no cheating) using a GoPro Hero 2 camera attached to the lead character and director. All you see is his face and what is behind him through the entire movie, never seeing what is coming.

The Special Jury Short went to Running Deer, a film directed by Brent Ryan Green. The movie is about a cross-country star (Twilight’s Booboo Stewart) who faces struggles the day before his biggest race.

The Okie Feature Award went to Home, James. Director Jonathan Rossetti is from Tulsa, while co-writer Julie Gearhead is from Sapulpa, and the two made a romance about a local Tulsa photographer who falls in love with a girl with a serious drinking problem.

The Okie Short Award went to Sherman & Pacifico. This incredibly unique movie by Daniel Tarr tells the story of an immortal jellyfish and a shut-in who learn from each other. None other than Javier Bardem voices the jellyfish.

The Narrative Short Award went to Black Metal. Airing in the Vamps, Ghouls & Haunts series of films, this movie tells the story of a fan’s actions which causes turmoil for a metal musician.

The Documentary Short Award went to This is Normal. This impressive documentary globetrots the planet as a Oklahoma City water pump company reaches out and sets a plan in motion to hopefully end the dangers of contaminated water deaths in Africa and other less developed areas of the world.

The Screenplay Award (Rated-R theme for 2013) went to Uterus Chat and the Student Film Award went to The Treehouse.

There is still one day of the 2013 deadCENTER Film Festival to catch up on the movies you might have missed.