The new Superman has some thoughts on what direction(s) he thinks it would be cool for the DC film universe to take after the release of Man of Steel. Like most at DC and Warner, Cavill is stoked about the possibilities. Fans should be too; this Renegade Reporter thinks that MoS is going to be huge, and a much better film than a lot of people originally thought when Zack Snyder was announced as director. Heck, some folks still doubted when Christopher Nolan was attached as producer. To them I say: Kneel before the blue and red, baby! (Disclaimer: I have not yet seen the movie. Dying to, though. And, if nothing else, In Nolan I trust.)

Henry Cavill’s comments are in line with what Snyder has been quoted as saying when it comes to the sure-to-happen-eventually Justice League movie, which is to say he thinks it will happen, but it’s not next in line. Cavill acknowledges that just thrusting a bunch of “gods” on screen in a League film after Man of Steel would not be the wisest of moves. (And he, Snyder and Nolan are no dummies…no matter what way you slice it, the success of the Marvel film universe laid out a very useful blueprint to emulate.) Like most would speculate, Cavill said that other movies in between would more properly help set up Justice League, but didn’t go so far as to start talking about any standalone Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, or Flash plans.

What Cavill did say speaks to the geek heart beating in all of us. First he commented on how “amazing” a direct sequel to Man of Steel would be. Then he dropped a line sure to make people start talking when it comes to the biggest opposing forces in the DC universe. “I think a ‘Batman/Superman’ movie would be great because it brings that world together,” said the new Supes.

DC Film Universe

All speculative, of course, but exciting nonetheless.  Given some other spoilery info that’s been coming out as cast and crew start their press rounds, it seems that Warner Bros. and DC now realize what they have on their hands and are willing to pump the brakes rather than jump straight into a shoddily constructed ensemble piece. Sure, there are just as many fans that cry “Make mine Marvel” as those that decry the house that Stan Lee built, but all of this is bigger than that. Consider that DC and Marvel know the divide among the seasoned and new comic book hero fans alike.  It doesn’t really matter when it comes to their respective film universes.  As long as things are done right on both sides of the fence, most of their core fan base will be appeased. (This of course does not count those who hated Iron Man 3’s version of The Mandarin or others who choose to nitpick about a million other points when it comes to movie containing canon or references to canon that they care very deeply about. Boisterous naysayers are still awesome because if fans weren’t around to care, what would be the point?) But laying out a coherent structure and trying to tell the best story possible will also wrangle in the more “casual” comic and movie fans who want a good story and a kick ass time at the movies, making each studio a winner. Therefore, rolling things out in a way similar to their arch-nemesis is the wisest move for DC to make.

And, if nothing else, remember: Superman punches stuff in Man of Steel.  That alone will make everybody happy after Singer’s turn at the helm, and should guarantee at least a sequel. (And I say that in a tongue-in-cheek manner as a fan of Returns.) No matter what comes next in the DC film universe, this reporter feels comfortable in shouting “Make mine awesome!” Because I have faith that it will be.

Source: Screen Rant