Lots of news coming in as the director and stars take to the streets to promote Man of Steel, opening next week. Director Zack Snyder specifically called out Man of Steel spoilers with an Easter egg in the new Superman flick which could be a clue to how MoS may or may not be tied to the overall DC Universe, and also let slip mention of a character that may come into play in what should be the inevitable follow up.


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During a Los Angeles press junket promoting Man of Steel, Zack Snyder discussed the ties between the new Supes flick and the overall DC Universe. The director revealed that a quickly passing hint in the form of a Wayne Enterprises logo on a satellite destroyed by General Zod would be apparent to eagle-eyed viewers. This may be taken as a subtle suggestion that Batman is in Gotham watching news of Metropolis’ perils from afar…which in and of itself makes complete sense while guaranteeing absolutely nothing, no matter how cool said Easter egg is. After all, there was a billboard for a Supes-Bats flick present in the latest version of I Am Legend, but we’ve yet to see that come to fruition. (He said jokingly.)

Man of Steel Spoilers

But it could just be a hint of things to come, especially combined with Snyder’s answer to a more direct question concerning the possible pairing of Superman and Batman in a sure to be guaranteed sequel.  Said Snyder, “Everything is interesting at this point. And don’t forget that Lex is out there, doing who knows what…”

So, looking ahead from this distant spot to the horizon it seems that Snyder, Nolan and company have been thinking at least a little bit (and, in all actuality, probably a lot) about the reintroduction of Lex Luthor to the DC cinematic universe. And Bruce Wayne is around, presumably selling technologies during the day while roaming the skies of Gotham at night.  Will Batman appear alongside Superman eventually in a DC film? It seems inevitable.  The only Man of Steel spoilers question that remains is whether it will be in a Man of Steel 2 post-credits stinger, or if the two will be officially introduced in a Justice League film. The few early reviews of Man of Steel have so far been very positive, and all signs point to Snyder and Nolan laying the first brick of what could be a very exciting foundation of the next phase of the DC film universe.

Source: Collider