Welcome to the first issue of Franchise Fight Club, where no fanboy walks away unpunished!

Here at Franchise Fight Club, we will ask the questions no one dares. We will seek the truth behind who is the victorious franchise winner. Hearts will be broken and blood will be shed. With all that said, let the bloodshed begin!

The first week will tackle one of the most heated arguments of all time. Who would win in a vicious battle to the death… James Tiberius Kirk or Luke Skywalker? Somebody has to lose. Question is… Which one?

Let’s Compare!


Captain Kirk Vs. Luke SkywalkerJames Tiberius Kirk

Slick and devilishly charming. Most people say he is the “James Bond” of space with his charismatic way with women and his grounded fighting approach with enemies. No one takes a punch from an extraterrestrial like Kirky. James T. Kirk is notorious for ignoring regulation to get the job done but is usually balanced in his ways by his great friend and first officer Spock. So, pretty much this guy will do whatever it takes to win.

Captain Kirk Vs. Luke SkywalkerLuke Skywalker

Possibly the most famous Jedi in the Star Wars mythology outside the great and powerful Yoda. He’s not as charming as Kirk but who needs to be when you have Han Solo as a friend. He has very little training in the films but his abilities progress I hear way further down the timeline. I mean seriously, the guy defeated Dath Vader. How can you doubt a guy who defeated the most ruthless Sith of all time.


Additional Differences..

  • Captain Kirk seduced a green chick into bed in comparison to Skywalker who was a green dude’s bitch during training (Yoda).
  • Catain Kirk kissed Ohura in an older episode of Star Trek, and Skywalker… well.. Kissed his sister. Way to go buddy.
  • Kirk has the trustworthy friendship of Spock as to Skywalker who has Han Solo. Honestly, I’m not sure who I’d rather have on my team. That is a whole other face-off right there.
  • Skywalker has serious lightsaber skills and the always reliable presence of THE FORCE. Kirk has some hand-to-hand fighting abilities plus a phaser if he remembers to grab it.


Which Brings Us To Combat Abilities

Captain Kirk Vs. Luke SkywalkerSkywalker was trained quite briefly during his youth but is said to have natural instincts in the use of Form V of Lightsaber warfare. It is said that his technique fluidly incorporates various other Forms of lightsaber battle as well, using imrovisation and gut feelings to strike down his opponent.

Skywalker in the later timeline improved by reading Obi Wan Kinobi’s journal and increasing his skills on his own. For the sake of knowledge and ignorance, we’re going to focus on young Skywalker and not the post- Return of the Jedi version.

Captain Kirk Vs. Luke SkywalkerKirk’s fighting techniques are not as vast as the canon that surrounds him. When in one-on-one combat, Kirk utilizes basic forms of fighting such as boxing, Judo, and wrestling techniques. However, where Kirk lacks the complex fighting ability of Skywalker, he makes up for it in charisma and wit. Kirk has the power to take on psychological battles as well as physical. This is not a guy you want to challenge at a game of deception.


So Who Would Win?

Before I make my final decision, let us see what the Renegade Staff thinks!

Aidan Myles Green: Skywalker is more of a crybaby, I guess it runs in the family. BUT he has the Force and we saw in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS that Kirk does have a limit to what his body can take (i.e. the radiation).

So I’m going with Skywalker

Kirk has more fighting spirit but in terms if sheer abilities, Luke would win.

Tony Beaulieu: Han Solo would probably be a better match up. In a bare-knuckle brawl, I’d put the smart money on Kirk.

Meagan Brooks: Kirk

Rick Tym: While Kirk is a wily SOB, I’ll give the edge to Skywalker because of the Force. Too much power to overcome even with phasers set to kill.

Calibertholomew Winfield: What Luke are we talking about? Farm boy Luke who’s shooting womp rats in his T-16? Or the Luke who became such a Jedi-Master that he became the most powerful of all time? Or the Luke who’s middle of the road Jedi like in Empire? Anytime he gets the Force & a saber, he’s one of the toughest characters of all time. He almost took out Darth Vader in Empire, after a few months of training.

What’s Kirk ever done? Fought that sparkly-eyed monster in the California desert? Pssh posh.

Also, I agree, a better match up would be Kirk or Han. Han would win, too. He fights dirty.

Shawn S. Lealos: Luke Skywalker cause Luke never has to get near Kirk to beat him.



Luke Skywalker wins!!

Captain Kirk Vs. Luke Skywalker

You can have all the charisma and fighting abilities in the world but like my colleagues said… Nothing can match THE FORCE.

Do you agree with the winner? Who would you choose? Would Kirk actually lose? Or am I wrong? Express your opinions below!

Next week with Man of Steel is flying into theaters, so our battle will involve Suerman Vs. Batman! Tune in and find out who will be victorious!

D-Rock out!