Some questions were answered and some were left hanging in this week’s season finale of Hawaii Five-0.  The team was put on a case to save the U.S. from a terrorist attack, Kono and Adam’s story finally came to a head, and more came out about Doris and Wo Fat’s relationship….or did it?  Read on to find out.

The Breakdown

This week’s Hawaii Five-0 started off with a car chase as Kono was wanted in questioning for the murder of Victor Asanuma, one of the bodies found in the barrel last week.  HPD believed that Kono may have done a favor for her boyfriend Adam’s brother Michael.

As Kono went into hiding, the rest of the Five-0 team was called in to investigate an air plane which landed with five dead bodies.  They soon found out that the one missing was Refael Salgado, a prisoner with information regarding an upcoming terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

The team tracked Salgado to his ex-girlfriend’s house.  But, all they found was a confused woman and her missing son, who was also Salgado’s son.  The team raced to find them both and McGarrett ended up at the prison to question Wo Fat.  Wo Fat finally gave up some information on Salgado and on the way out McGarrett got even more information when he found out his mother Doris had visited Wo Fat the day before.

Kono went to Adam’s house and explained that his brother Michael must have taken her gun when they stayed together briefly.  She was certain it was Michael that killed Victor Asanuma.  Kono and Adam went to search for proof in a supply area and found a pair of bloody gloves just as the door was about to open.  Kono hid and Adam diverted Michael although he remained suspicious.  Soon, Kono snuck out and took the gloves to Charlie Fong to obtain DNA.  Just as Fong called Kono with the results which implicated Michael, Michael showed up at the lab and stabbed Fong.

Meanwhile the Five-0 was in a chase to catch Salgado.  Unfortunately when they caught him he was alone – the boy was gone.  Salgado said that “they” took him, meaning the terrorist organization.  In order to obtain the intended target of the terrorist attack, the team agreed to get Salgado’s son back, despite the CIA’s efforts to take Salgado into custody themselves.

Salgado showed up at the meeting place to get his son back.  Just as his son was about to be killed, the Five-0 attacked the men and Salgado was hurt badly.  With his last breath Salgado revealed the intended target of the terrorist attack to McGarrett – the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  The attack was averted and the boy was returned to his mother.

Adam’s doorbell rang and Kono hid.  When Adam walked back into the room, Michael had Kono at gunpoint.  He showed them the gloves – Michael had found them out.  Adam attacked Michael as he is about to shoot Kono.  They struggled and the gun went off.  Michael was shot dead.  Soon Chin Ho arrived and said Adam needed to leave because Michael’s men would want revenge.

Doris made arrangements to hide Adam and decided to go with him until he was settled.  Kono could not say good-bye to him and decided to go as well.  McGarrett was still not able to find out why Doris has visited Wo Fat the day before, but Doris said she would be back.  The rest of the group said good-bye to Kono.

At the end of the episode, McGarrett visited Wo Fat in prison again.  Wo Fat said he would tell McGarrett why Doris was there, but McGarrett needed to help him first.  Just then loud shooting came from the other side of the cell door.  As a blow torch was making its way through the locked steel door, Wo Fat explained that someone was there to kill him, not help him escape.  He wanted McGarrett’s help.

The Analysis

Typical Hawaii Five-0 is the only way to sum up this week’s episode, Aloha, Malama Pono, which also happened to be the season finale.  The story line for the case was so-so.  The team saved the day by crushing efforts for a terrorist attack on the U.S. and saved a little boy along the way.  There was nothing surprising about the case or conclusion.

Kono leaving with Adam did not really concern me either.  I hope this was not their effort at one of those “oh no” moments.  I am confident that when the season premiere airs Kono will be back where she belongs – in Hawaii and working with the Five-0.

The story with McGarrett and Doris got interesting for a moment as I thought we were finally going to find out why Doris let Wo Fat go that day a while back.  But of course, events prevented it and Doris left with Kono and Adam.  Again, not too surprising.  I think the writers will keep that mystery going as long as possible.

The big “cliff-hanger ending” was McGarrett in the prison with Wo Fat.  Will they make it out in time?  Will Wo Fat spill the beans on Doris?  Those were the questions we were left with – not my idea of a great season finale ending, unfortunately.  I think this could have been a better finale all around.  Very little surprises, very little emotional moments, and very little suspense-building events at the end.

What did you think of Hawaii Five-0’s season finale?