The great Tom Holland is returning to the Stephen King universe with his next movie The Ten O’Clock People. Originally, Justin Long was supposed to play the lead in the movie but he had to drop out and now Chris Evans is in talks to replace him in the cast.

The Ten O'Clock PeopleThe Ten O’Clock People is one of King’s short stories, the tale of a man who decides to quit smoking, but once he does he is able to see monsters are actually disguised as humans and have taken control of the world. Basically, it is They Live, but instead of wearing special glasses, you just have to quit smoking to see the monsters.

Holland is best known for directing two of the ’80s seminal horror movies in Fright Night and Child’s Play, but also directed the Stephen King adaptations Thinner and The Langoliers. While those two King adaptations are not the best I have seen, those two ’80s horror flicks give Holland all the get out of jail free cards he could ever want.

Chris Evans is a great choice for this role, and I am really curious about whether or not Holland keeps the rather bleak ending of the story for his movie.

Source: Deadline