Joss Whedon continues to reveal some information about his upcoming new ABC television series Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. For some reason, there has been a slight backlash on the Internet since the first trailers screened, but that is the problem with comic book fans – they will bitch about anything and that is why we can’t have anything nice.

However, I thought the trailer looked just fine and I can’t wait to see Joss Whedon come back to TV. Angel remains my favorite TV show of all-time and Firefly is not far behind. But, what has the master revealed about his upcoming show now?

In the interview, he talked about how it will connect to the Marvel movie universe.

“We’re absolutely on top of all the movies. We never contradict, replicate – we will be flowing in between them, maybe occasionally we’ll throw something in that foreshadows [or] echoes but we’re very much beholden to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

That is great news because it means this show can be the gateway to future Marvel movies and can serve as a nice series taking place on the fringe of all our favorite superheroes adventures. It also means it is not about those heroes and can stand on its own as well. I have complete faith in Joss Whedon in this matter.

He also said that there will not be “spectacle characters” and that any spectacle will build characters, which is no surprise because that is how he built his Buffy-verse. Finally, he said that the Agent Coulson¬†resurrection¬†will be dealt with immediately, but also built upon as the series progresses.

Source: TV Fanatic