Steven Seagal Expendables 3 rumors seem like something fanboys everywhere might fantasize about. Of course, he was also rumored for Expendables 2, and that fell through. That was for the better because Jean-Claude Van Damme was amazing after taking Seagal’s place. But now, it looks like Seagal might be coming back for the third round.

The third helping of the Expendables will be directed by Simon West (Con Air) and both Wesley Snipes and Jackie Chan are rumored for the third go-around. Mickey Rourke is coming back as well. But what about Steven Seagal: Law Man?

Well, lets hear it directly from Sylvester Stallone’s mouth:

Now, Stallone had been one to tweet hints – such as the one about Wesley Snipes – only to delete them later. This one has been up two days now, so I can only assume that the tweet did not scare Seagal off yet. Of course, the line “if the part fits” is a little scary, but if he could be the next big bad guy, I would be all in.

More on this as we hear anything.

Source: Twitter