This news item makes a good companion piece to Renegade Cinema founder/owner Shawn Lealos’ previously posted article which discusses whether or not Tony Stark — or rather, Tony Stark in the Iron Man suit — will return after Iron Man 3.

When considering this topic, the one thing that stuck the most with this staffer after viewing Iron Man 3 was the post credits/stinger text stating ‘Tony Stark Will Return.’  The more this optimistic and, at the same time, somewhat ominous prediction is considered within the confines of Iron Man 3 — namely that Tony no longer needs that big old arc reactor in his chest to live — may just indicate that Tony Stark will return, but not as Iron Man

Signs do indicate that Tony Stark will indeed return, at least for the next two Avengers installments.  Slashfilm (via The Hollywood Reporter) is relaying news that the actor is currently negotiating his role in Avengers 2 & 3, but up ’til now there’s been nary a discussion of another Iron Man sequel.

Robert Downey Jr Contract

Downey, of course, has a ton of negotiating power here should he wish to helm another stand-alone film.  But the ending of the latest Iron Man film could point to Stark’s character ceasing to be the man in the metal suit.  As previously discussed here on Renegade Cinema, the three-film series is very appropriately self-contained (albeit a bit sloppily from this viewer’s standpoint when considering

the Mandarin’s reveal/twist, although it didn’t necessarily irk me as much as some other people.  No denying it could have been done better if the intent was to close the circle of the ten rings loop, though, and another Iron Man film, with Shane Black at the helm, would certainly be entertaining, but not entirely necessary.  No doubt Downey’s first goal is to secure all that sweet, sweet Avengers cash with an extension or favorable reinterpretation of his current Marvel film deal.  May would say he’s earned it.  As far as another Iron Man goes, let the chips fall where they may.  (Cheadle as Rhodesy in a War Machine movie, anyone?)


Source: Slashfilm