With Warner Brothers high and dry on franchises after Harry Potter and The Dark Knight trilogy finished, it seems the studio is grabbing at any potential property they can get their hands on. They acted quickly on The Hobbit series after New Line went bankrupt and now it appears they have another famous fantasy property in mind. That’s right folks! The most popular role playing game ever– Dungeons and Dragons– is probably obtaining a second chance on the big screen.

dungeons and dragons movieDeadline reports that not only has Warner Brothers gained rights but they are also way ahead in production development for the film. The studio already has a script ready for shooting by screenwriter by David Leslie Johnson, who penned Wrath of the Titans and the Red Riding Trilogy. The film also gained a producing team from The Lego Movie producer Roy Lee and Courtney Solomon- who directed the 2000 D&D movie flop.

The fact that the director of the original film from 2000 is a producer on the movie is a little worrisome. What is most likely hopeful for D&D fans is the backing of a trustworthy studio like WB who is willing to make huge investments on popular names. I’ve never played D&D myself but I’ve known tons of people who are hardcore enthusiast of the game. Maybe Warner Brothers can finally deliver a quality film to the long established fanbase.

What do you think about Warner Brothers developing a new Dungeons and Dragons movie?

Source: Deadline