Star Trek Behind the Scenes FootageAre you ready to board the Star Trek Enterprise once again? Believe me, I am too. J.J. Abrams’s long awaited follow up to the 2009 smash-hit reboot is vastly approaching our radar, which means promotions are in high gear. Thus, Paramount has kindly blessed us with a 7 minute behind-the-scenes look of the intergalactic sequel. Due to my own fear of spoilers, I have not seen the video myself, so I’m not certain on how much this glimpse gives away. However, Abrams is a secretive guy, so there is most likely little to worry about.

Check out the Star Trek behind the scenes footage below!

The first film was fun as hell and I’m eagerly hoping this sequel delivers the same energetic tone the first entry had. However it turns out, this should end up as a solid ride with 35 minutes of the film shot on immersive IMAX 3D. Here is hoping that Star Trek Into Darkness boldly goes where no sequel has gone before.

What do you think of the Star Trek behind the scenes footage?

Source: Collider