A Boy and His Dog showed us how Norman got interested in his odd hobby, Norma was put in her place more than once, and Dylan learned more about the business he fell into.

The Breakdown

In this week’s Bates Motel Norman was distraught over the loss of the dog he had tried to bring home.  He decided to take her to Emma’s father, the taxidermist.  Along with honoring his dog the right way, Norman was starting to learn taxidermy for himself.

Bates Motel A Boy and his DogIn school, Emma overheard some girls making fun of Norman and how Bradley would never be with him.  Emma got upset about what they were saying about Norman and set them all straight by telling them that Bradley and Norman had sex.  This got back to Bradley who confronted Norman in the hallway asking why he would tell everyone what happened.  Even though Norman explained that he had only told Emma, he could not understand why Bradley would be upset if people knew since it was true.  Bradley disagreed and this upset Norman quite a bit.  His teacher watched from a distance. Norman stormed off.  His teacher caught him outside as he was trying to leave school.  When she tried to bring Norman back inside Norman violently slapped her hand away and yelled at her.

Bates Motel A Boy and his DogIn the meantime, Norma’s new guest in room 9, Jake Abernathy, started asking her a lot of questions about how well she knew Deputy Shelby.  Norma played it off and told him that she did not know him well at all.  It was obvious that Abernathy knew better and was intimidating Norma.

After a reminder in the newspaper about the new bypass being built that threatened the motel, Norma decided to pay Sheriff Romero a visit.  She tried to persuade him to help her out with a seat on the planning committee so that she could fight the bypass.  After trying to intimidate the sheriff, the roles were reversed and Romero reminded Norma that they are not friends and she had nothing “on him”.  Norma left empty handed.

Bates Motel A Boy and his DogNorma then received a call from Norman’s school.  The teacher and the principal explained what happened with Norman getting so upset earlier.  They told Norma that they think Norman should see the school psychologist because he is emotionally unusual.  Norma tells them that he will see a private psychologist of her choosing.

Back at the motel Norma saw Abernathy leaving in his car and she decided to follow him.  He went to Summers’ boat and was searching for something.  Norma got caught spying on him and he told her that he wanted what was his.  Norma swore that she had no idea what he was talking about.  Creepy Abernathy once again intimidated Norma.

Dylan and Remo left town to pick up the trimmers as instructed by Gil.  As they head back with a van full of people (trimmers for the marijuana fields) they stopped at a hotel for the night and the two got into a huge brawl where no one seemed to come out a winner.  Dylan did find out, however, that his job is not one that can be resigned from and Remo assured Dylan that being fired would not be a good thing either.  He also informed Dylan that Gil has a higher boss, but that is all he would say.

Bates Motel A Boy and his DogNorma takes Norman to a psychologist; however, she speaks for Norman through the entire session.  Afterwards not only does the psychologist suggest that he see Norman alone the next time, but that Norma might benefit from a session herself due to her control issues.  Norma assures him that she is fully in control of her life.  With that when Norma arrived back to the motel she told Abernathy that he had to leave.  Abernathy was clear that if she wanted play games, he would play.

Norman asked Emma why she told the girls about him and Bradley and Emma tried to explain.  At first Norman thought it was because of her feelings for him, but later Emma explained further that it was because they were making fun of him.  The two seemed to solidify their friendship.

Dylan and Remo arrived back at the motel where Dylan asked Norma if she had rooms available for the group.  Norma was thrilled and offered to take Dylan to dinner.  When she went back up to the house to change clothes she found a frightening sight.  Lying on her bed was the corpse of Deputy Shelby, badge and all.

The Analysis

Everyone seemed to be intimidating Norma on this week’s Bates Motel.  Sheriff Romero certainly did not appear as nice as last time we saw him when he embellished the story to cover up what really happened with Shelby and Summers.  Then the eerie stranger, Jake Abernathy definitely has an agenda and Norma is in his way.  I do have some ideas of what I think his agenda might be, but I think I will hold back for now.  At the rapid pace with which the story lines move through the episodes I will find out soon enough if I am right.

Bates Motel A Boy and his DogNorman should clearly understand Bradley’s position at this point; however, that will not help poor Norman get over her quickly.  Maybe his friendship with Emma will help because I do not think that learning taxidermy will!  At least we know how Norman’s interest in that hobby began.

I am now wondering if Dylan got in a little over his head with his new job.  He may have the boss’s ear and be a bit of a boss himself now, but it sounds like he must stay in it for life, literally.

And how could I not mention the ending?  Deputy Shelby’s corpse in Norma’s bed was a huge surprise!  I think we all know who took care of that.  It just makes me wonder what is next.

This episode of A Boy and His Dog was great.  I love it when Norman flips out.  Freddie Highmore does a terrific job in this role.  He is calm, calm, calm, and then BOOM!  Like a ticking time bomb. I really love it!