In the first three Transformers movies, the Autobots took on the Decepticons for the safety of earth. The Autobots had help from the humans, including the military, and the movies were nothing more than really giant robots fighting each other. I have no problem with that, but it really turned off other viewers (like Renegade’s own D-Rock). It looks like Michael Bay is taking Transformers 4 in a different direction as he has signed Kelsey Grammer to be the villain in the Transformers 4 cast – a human villain.

Transformers 4 castIt looks like Grammer will be playing Harold Attinger in the Transformers 4 cast – a counter intelligence man and I am wondering if that means that America (or the world) is looking at trying to force the Autobots to come under their control completely, which would put the planet in a tough spot if they refused.

Of course, this could also go like the pretty awesome Transformers: Prime animated series, where a group of humans known as MECH are involved and the villain is the dangerous Uniocron. This leads to Optimus Prime and Megatron even teaming up by the end. It also has a number of new robots not seen in the original series, and that falls in line with what we have heard so far.

Anyway, he joins Mark Wahlberg who has already signed as the human good guy in the Transformers 4 cast, replacing Shia LaBeouf. The movie starts production in July.

Source: Deadline