Drama is definitely building towards an explosion and we saw one already on this week’s Vegas.  Unlikely partnerships formed and favorite partnerships were in jeopardy.  It all leads up to next week’s season finale.

The Breakdown

The Lamb brothers found a dead body in the trunk of a car as this week’s Vegas episode Unfinished Business got underway.  The man turned out to be Gainsley’s attorney and was found with a canary in his mouth.

Vegas Unfinished BusinessAs the brothers continued to investigate further, they linked Gainsley to company with connections to Sheriff Lamb’s deceased wife Marilyn’s ranch.  The company had been trying to buy the ranch from her and her brother for some time before she died.  This brought up the possibility that Gainsley actually had something to do with Marilyn’s death – the car accident that killed her.  The men started to think that her repeated declines to sell the ranch may have led to her death.

Savino was growing more and more fond of Lena, Mia’s mother.  He even talked her out of a trip to Lake Tahoe and surprised her with a romantic evening at the Tumbleweed before its reopening.  Just as the two began a dance together a huge explosion blew them both across the room and shattered the Tumbleweed.  Luckily, the two escaped with minor cuts and scrapes.  Savino knew that Gainsley was behind the bombing because he had just been pushed out of the club and was obviously seeking revenge.

Vegas Unfinished BusinessAs Katherine was on her way to let Sheriff Lamb know that the president of the company that tried to buy Marilyn’s land was actually an old, senile man in a nursing home – a front – she was run off the road sending her car overturning into a ditch.  Katherine was sent to the hospital and Sheriff Lamb was beside himself.  He knew Gainsley was behind it.

With his anger in hand, Sheriff Lamb attacked Gainsley in a room he was being held for questioning in at the sheriff’s office.  Gainsley’s new attorney and Jack entered pulling Lamb off of Gainsley, but with news that the governor of Nevada removed Lamb as the sheriff.

Vegas Unfinished BusinessSavino found the phone tap that Jack had placed in his phone and knew right away just who did it.  Mia was surprised and as her and Jack grew closer it was apparent that this could cause problems in their relationship.  However, Mia and Jack already seemed to be running into a few problems as they got back together.  Although Jack seemed to be working towards the two of them spending their future on a ranch, Mia did not seem enthused as she enjoys her job too much.  Jack did not seem to catch on yet as he began shopping for a diamond ring.

In the end, the no-longer-sheriff Lamb made a proposal to Savino.  He suggested that the two of them team up against Gainsley and Savino would receive the tapes from the phone taps in return.

The Analysis

This week’s Vegas episode Unfinished Business was a great lead into next week’s season finale.  Having Sheriff Lamb and Savino team up to defeat a common enemy is intriguing.  Two extremely strong personalities working together should easily be able to defeat Gainsley, so I am actually excited to see it.

Vegas Unfinished BusinessI was glad to see that Mia and Jack were back together and now I am upset that they may not see eye-to-eye on where they each want their future to go.  I really hope that they work it out because I think they are a great couple and add a lot more of a spark to the relationship part of the show than Dixon and Yvonne do.

It was interesting that they brought in the death of the sheriff’s wife in relation to Gainsley.  I think this added a great twist to the story and it will be entertaining to see how that plays out, especially if Dixon finds out and gets involved.  He seems like a firecracker as it is.

So, next week’s season finale should be a good one – be sure to tune in!  We will see if Jack proposes to Mia and how the partnership of Lamb and Savino works out to take down Gainsley.  It sounds like a must-see.