The Iron Man 3 box office for its international opening weekend is in and is very impressive. The movie made $195.3 million in 42 markets, a full week before hitting American theaters. This total is bigger than The Avengers, which made $100 million in its international opening weekend.

The international Iron Man 3 box office should beat the previous individual Iron Man movies within the first few weeks of its release.

Iron Man 3 box officeIron Man has always been a successful franchise, but the first two movies only made $266.8 million and $311.5 million internationally. They also combined for a total of $1.2 billion at the box office. Consider that those are the two most successful Marvel Studios releases, and it really looked like The Avengers $1.5 billion take might be an anomaly.

Some experts assumed that the team-up movie brought in audiences that didn’t care about the solo adventures. However, this might be the case of more fans buying into the characters as time passes. The Iron Man box office grew with each movie. Plus, while neither Captain America: The First Avenger nor Thor did amazing box office, both were considered financial successes.

The success of The Avengers as a story is what brought people back for more. If Iron Man 3 shows major improvement over Iron Man 2, people will buy into The Avengers universe even more. The big test will be to see how well Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier do in comparison to the first Thor and Captain America movies.

The audience is growing and the future looks bright, especially with how big the Iron Man 3 box office overseas is. As a huge, long-time comic book fan, this is a really exciting time to watch movies.