Are you one of the fans who anxiously wants to see Guillermo Del Toro make Hellboy 3? You aren’t alone. Ron Perlman, the actor who starred as Hellboy, and is currently starring in Del Toro’s 2013 sci-fi movie Pacific Rim, wants – no demands – that the third movie be made soon. According to Ron Perlman, Hellboy 3 has to be made.

“[Del Toro and I] both walked away from ‘Hellboy 2’ agreeing that there would never be another one,” Perlman said. “But, with the passage of time, it became clear to me that he really always designed it as a trilogy. [Guillermo] has a very well-articulated idea of what the resolve would look like and it’s amazingly theatrical and is epic in scope and would make for amazing cinema, with or without the first two movies.”

Perlman said he has given Del Toro what he refers to as “Jewish guilt” and said that he owes it to the world to finish his Hellboy story with a third movie. He also said he has been working on convincing Del Toro for the past two years.

We helped clarify some comments that Hellboy creator Mike Mignola made recently that had people thinking the third movie would never come. Mignola basically said that a third movie was not going to be made, but later backtracked and said no one has ever mentioned one to him, but he would love to see it happen. Maybe if Ron Perlman gets his way, Hellboy 3 will finally hit screens, just as it should be.

Source: IGN