This week’s episode of Vegas involved murder, tax evasion investigations, inappropriately spent funds, hostages, and a reconciliation.

The Breakdown

Vegas Past LivesFBI Agent Byrne was working his way through Savino’s employees from the Savoy.  Not allowing them to claim all the money they made at the Savoy and nab them for tax evasion, Byrne continued to cause problems for them – especially for one single mom who was not allowed to collect her paycheck due to Byrne  causing an IRS investigation.

One of the employees, Harry, trapped Mia in one of the hallways and forced her into a room at gunpoint, demanding $20,000.  Mia contacted Tony in the accounting office and asked him to bring the money to the room for a big spender while Harry held her hostage.

At the Tumbleweed Club, Savino and one of his crew were trying to figure out a way to take down Gainsley, one of the partners, while the Lamb brothers were working on a case where a former craps dealer from the Savoy was found dead. 

Vegas Past LivesIn order to get more information on the dead man, Jack went to have a talk with Mia at the Savoy.  After tracking her down to the room in which she was being held hostage, Jack ended up being taken in as another hostage by Harry, the man with the gun. 

Sheriff Lamb and Katherine continued to investigate the murdered craps dealer while Tony from the accounting office delivered the $20,000 to the room where Mia and Jack were being held.  When Tony saw the gun he tried to run and Harry shot him; wounding him badly.  It did not take long for Jack to figure out that the man holding him and Mia was really the partner of the dead craps dealer.

By that time, Harry took Mia and Jack on the road so that he could meet up with his wife.  When his wife refused to go with him, Jack saved Mia by offering to go with Harry alone.  Mia was released and stood with the wife as they watched the men pull away.

Vegas Past LivesTony was found alone and wounded in the room and as he was taken into the ambulance he told Sheriff Lamb and Savino where Harry, Mia and Jack went.  Lamb took off to head them off.

While Harry and Jack were heading down the road, Lamb crashed into the truck jarring the gun loose from Harry’s hand.  Jack immediately grabbed the gun and turned it on Harry.

After arriving back in town, Mia ran up to Jack and kissed him passionately, obviously touched by his sacrifice.

In the midst of the chaos, Dixon and Yvonne’s relationship continued to gain momentum with only one tiny speed bump along the way.  But, all ended well and romantically as the two played parts in a sheriff office wedding between a jailed man and his free bride-to-be.

At the end, Byrne showed up at the Tumbleweed Club with several officers to shut down gambling at the club.  He stated that the money from a mining accident was being used to fund the club by Gainsley.  As Byrne left the club, he was shot down in the street by the single mom from earlier in the show.

The Analysis

This was a hard episode to follow for me.  There was a lot going on with several different people and stories all at once.  Although some came together at the end, I still had a difficult time keeping up with names and players and who fit where exactly.

Vegas Past LivesThe story with Harry holding Mia and soon Jack as hostages was probably the best storyline of them all this week.  It was really interesting to see Mia in that position.  As strong of a character as Mia is, she continued to retain that strength throughout the ordeal.  Seeing her and Jack reconcile (or so we are guessing) at the end with a big, ole kiss was a long time coming.

The biggest surprise was the gunned down FBI Agent Byrne at the end.  I thought that guy would hang around for a while, especially after his appearance in the club to shut down the gambling and really push Savino.