Shane Carruth is a film director that might be one of the smartest men working in cinema today. That is why he might never break out of the indie art movie scene. His first movie Primer is one of the smartest time travel movies ever made and his most recent Upstream Color is damn near brilliant (my review is coming soon). Ever wonder what a Shane Carruth Superman movie would look like?

Well, I already said Carruth is smarter that most people and that is why he doesn’t care about Superman fighting super villains, but wants to see the affect that Superman would have on the world.

“The only Superman movie I’d ever want to see is the one where Superman comes to understand that people have become too reliant on him and he can’t be their God anymore,” Carruth said. “And he basically, actively, doesn’t help them. And people end up dying in the learning process that they can’t rely on their God anymore.”

Most people who watch comic book movies want to see a lot of action and fantastical scenes, with a touch of morality added in. However, what Carruth is looking at is the actuality of what a Superman character would mean to the world.

One of the biggest questions people ask is why – if Superman is all-powerful – he doesn’t end world peace, eliminate all nuclear weapons and fix the world. The comic book Superman: Red Son looked at that as well, with Superman re-imagined as a character discovered by Soviets and developing the socialist way of thinking, making the world a perfect place at the cost of their freedom. That comic also saw the fact that people stopped caring about safety because Superman was always there to protect them.

What if society became reliant on him and he left? That is what Shane Carruth wonders, and it would be damn near brilliant. But he knows people won’t want to see a Shane Carruth Superman movie.

I don’t think I’m the right guy for those stories,” Carruth said.

That is okay, because we can just continue enjoying the films that Shane Carruth is making now.

Source: The Playlist