Upon its release, Event Horizon was viewed (and marketed) as gung-ho space horror. The concept of a spaceship that spent seven years in another dimension was incredibly intriguing, and the ship’s implied destination just added to the film’s menace. Even though the final product met most of my expectations, it was a tad too short; there was so much material to be explored. Fortunately, Paul W.S. Anderson claims that a more horrific 130-minute cut exists, but I don’t know if that’s ever going to see the light of day. Surprisingly, though, Event Horizon holds up pretty well and the film’s cult status has done a good job of preserving its impact.

The second of two designs, this Event Horizon poster showcases the gravity drive that served as the ship’s doorway to “chaos and pure evil.” It’s a really scary fixture, so I wanted to include that no matter how many times the poster changed. In my opinion, the simple imagery of a complex scene is really effective design-wise, especially as far as horror films are concerned. Obvious, overt darkness was key. Over all, I’m pretty satisfied with the design, but more importantly I hope something like this can pique the curiosity of others.

Event Horizon poster