There were a lot of new videos during the MTV Movie Awards, but one we haven’t really touched upon yet was the Iron Man 3 TV spot. Well, allow me to touch upon that new look at the 2013 Marvel summer movie.

Now, I’m not talking about the short look at the Mandarin’s attack on Tony Stark’s home. I’m talking about the new Iron Man 3 TV spot that has been playing ever since the awards, the one that shows Iron Man fighting people whose ¬†faces are glowing.

From the start, we knew that Iron Man 3 was going to be about the Mandarin, Iron Man’s greatest villain and someone his fans have wanted to see since the first movie. However, the early promotions also mentioned that Shane Black’s movie would also be using the Extremis storyline.

From the looks of the trailer, they will be taking that idea but altering it, using the idea but not the actual story it came from. In the comics, the Extremis storyline saw scientists working with nanotechnology to create weapons for the government. When a terrorist steals the nanotechnology and then injects it into himself, he becomes an unstoppable super weapon and sets out for Washington DC to bring down the U.S. Government. It is up to Iron Man to stop him.

Later in the story, Tony Stark finds a way to use the nanotechnology to help himself, and I won’t go into that here because I do think they are using that in the new movie. However, it looks like there is more than just one infected super human in this movie based on the Iron Man 3 TV spot. Check it out below and let us know what you think.