Marvel Phase Two is about to launch in a few weeks with Iron Man 3  kicking things off, so now early preparations for Phase Three are beginning to form. One of the projects of discussion is that of a Doctor Strange movie. Apparently Marvel has begun talking with potential directors about the prospects of taking on the Strange task. Who do they have in mind? Rumor is Fede Alvarez- director of Evil Dead (2013)- is in discussions to inherit the project.

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The report came from Latino Review, who is a site I highly respect. The report indicates that Alvarez and writer Rodo Sayagues met with Marvel to pitch their film for the Doctor Strange movie.  No one has confirmed this meeting took place but also no one has denied it either when asked. As LR says, the Marvel auditioning process is a fierce routine, so it could take weeks to find out if this is official.

Fede Alvarez has a confident voice in film for handling such a mission. He was able to take a property like Evil Dead- who no one wanted to be remade- and gave it a fresh breath of life. If he is the chosen one for the Doctor Strange movie, so be it!

Source: Latino Review