Enzo, Damon and Stefan and Caroline are on the phone. Damon explains they need to get into the Armory to kill the Final Everlasting to save Bonnie. When the explosion Damon sets off doesn’t open the Armory they either have to call Valerie or have Caroline’s daughters siphon the seal. Caroline says no.

Enzo visits Virginia to find out what is in the vault, but he doesn’t share it with anyone. Stefan and Caroline are still on the run as she skypes with her daughters from the car. When she hangs up, she tells Stefan that Lizzie accidentally siphoned her the other day. But she isn’t ready to involve them in this world yet. And Stefan agrees, this is Caroline’s call. Caroline thanks him, but she hasn’t forgiven him yet.

Bonnie calls Caroline and asks Stefan to drive faster. She is gaining on them since she’s in a police car. There’s a 6-car pile up blocking the road ahead so Stefan turns the car around and asks Bonnie to let them pass. But Bonnie can’t, but it’s Matt who saves them. He gets out of his restraints just in time to grab the wheel and pull the car away so Stefan and Caroline can pass. Matt is pinned in the car and asks Bonnie to help him, but she says he doesn’t belong in this fight and she leaves him behind.

The Twins

Stefan and Caroline stop for gas. He hands Caroline the keys and tells her to keep running. They haven’t heard from Damon when means Damon has a plan that doesn’t involve them and Stefan has to stop them. Just as Damon and Enzo meet on a runway to fly to Dallas and kidnap Caroline’s kids, they realize their pilot has gone home. Stefan sent him home and tells him the involvement of the kids is Caroline’s decision. Hearing the pain in Bonnie’s voice, Caroline calls Alaric about the girls. He’s willing to do it if it means the girls will be reunited with Caroline.

Damon wants to know what made Stefan become selfless again. Stefan realized that what he did wasn’t about love. It was about fear. Stefan informs his brother that the night he put himself down wasn’t about his love for Elena, it was because he was scared he would do something terrible and lose her.

The twins successfully siphon the seal on the Armory. Enzo calls Bonnie. His role in the plan is to distract Bonnie.

Inside the Armory

The armory opens and Stefan and Damon go inside. They realize that the only place the Everlasting could be is within the vault. Damon won’t let Stefan go with him because if things go bad, Stefan can help him. He apologizes for leaving and being scared. Stefan agrees to let him go. Once outside, Caroline hugs Stefan.

Damon enters the vault and Bonnie finds Enzo at their cabin where they begin fighting. Enzo puts up a good fight, but Bonnie shoots him and he realizes he is not going to win. Bonnie is holding a stake over his heart while she begs him to fight her, but he’s done. Just in time, Damon finds the Everlasting and burns it. The scars disappear and Alaric tells Caroline he’s going to take the girls home, but that she should stay.

Stefan gets a text from Damon to have the bourbon ready so he can relax. Caroline tells Stefan she lied earlier and she has started to forgive him. They share a kiss.

Matt is losing blood and hallucinates Penny. He sees her and apologizes. He can’t escape this life, but that’s because he never tried. She asks him what he wants, and he responds he wants to be with her. But she can’t take him. He wakes up to a rescue team there to help him.


Damon calls Bonnie, but then he hears Elena’s voice. Bonnie and Enzo try to tell him that Elena is in Brooklyn, but Damon gets flashes of his relationship with Elena and he has to check. It’s not Elena. Enzo and Bonnie reach to the Armory to help, but only Enzo can get in.

Everyone is writing in their journals for Elena. Caroline writes how they were so close: She was back with Stefan, Bonnie and Enzo were almost happy, and Damon actually did the right thing. They waited in the Armory for a week, but after Alaric opened the vault, it was empty. Damon and Enzo had escaped, and Bonnie can’t do magic anymore. Matt has decided to leave Mystic Falls.

Three Months Later

There are rumors of missing persons on the West Coast. Stefan writes to Elena that he promises to figure out what’s wrong with them and get them back and that this isn’t Damon’s fault.

The season ends with Damon and Enzo stringing up humans in a warehouse. First, they hang them by their feet and then they slit their necks.

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