After the funeral last week everyone goes to Granny’s. Henry talks to Violet, who was nervous when everyone went to the Underworld. Rumple takes Pandora’s Box to the clocktower, promising Belle he will wake her up. But since her father refused to help, he needs more power. Rumple tethers Hades’ crystal to Storybrooke so he can absorb the magic.

Emma tries to comfort Regina while breaking the news that Hook is back, but Rumple’s power absorption causes Hook to rush inside. Regina is mad that Emma gets her happy ending again while Regina loses what she loves again, but right now they need to deal with Rumple. They got to the clocktower to investigate, and Emma tries to make Regina stay out so she can deal with her grief. Regina is mad because whenever Emma is upset they follow her wherever she goes. Emma sends Henry home.

Henry meets Violet in pawn shop and tells her magic is the problem. He asks her to go on a road trip to destroy magic. He takes the author’s pen and writes himself having the crystal.

Regina tells them that Henry is gone because he texted his parents and Rumple shows up to confirm it. Since the crystal is linked to Storybrooke, if Henry destroys it, he destroys all magic. Since Rumple wants Henry, they have to find him first. Emma says they can track through his cell. He’s headed for Boston.

The Portal

Zelena uses the magic wand to open the portal using the sorcerer’s wand to send people back. When she goes to close the portal it won’t close and then sucks them into some strange land they don’t recognize. They come across a groundsman who is hesitant to help. The heroes are taken hostage by “The Warden”, who hates Rumple.

The groundsman comes back to help, but only if they leave, they agree to take him with them. He can fix the wand in the lab, but he needs to take the wand with him as he can’t steal the required items. As it’s the only plan they have they give him the wand. He is able to repair it until he’s found and forced to take his own serum. The serum tuns him into none other than Hyde who wants to get to Storybrooke.

Ending Magic

Emma and Regina find Henry has left his phone on a bus. Regina throws his phone in the trash and it sets the whole thing on fire. Since there’s magic in the real world, Regina can use Emma’s blood to find Henry. It leads them to New York City.

Regina and Emma go to Neal’s old apartment where Regina finds a letter from Robin hiding in an old book. In the letter Robin¬†tells Regina¬†how she will always be the heroine he fell in love with. Emma apologizes for not being there for Regina when she needed her because of Hook, and Regina tells her how she wishes she could get rid of the Evil Queen.

Henry and Violet go the library. Henry finds a bunch of storybooks that look just like his except with stories aren’t the same. He is upset he can’t find a way to destroy magic, but Violet notices a replica of the Holy Grail. The Grail originally started magic so maybe this one will end it. Turns out yet it does. Before they can do anything, Rumple shows up and steals the crystal back. Regina and Emma show up asking why he wants to destroy magic and he tells them he’s worried it will only be used for bad.

Rumple goes to a hotel and tries to use the crystal on Pandora’s Box, but Hyde is a step ahead. He created a portal with the sorcerer’s wand to bring the box to him. Regina goes to talk to him, but Rumple needs the Evil Queen. Regina assures him she can be Evil Queen again. She knows Zelena and her friends are trapped in an unknown realm thanks to a text from Granny because they used the sorcerer’s wand.

While Regina distracts Rumple, Emma tries to steal the crystal, but Rumple isn’t that dumb. He knew Regina couldn’t be the Evil Queen again so easily, but he needed a strand of hair so he could find the missing group. Before he can do anything, Henry shows up and takes away all the magic with his goblet. They are all mad Henry took away the one way they had to get their family home.

If You Believe

There is a person who has magic in this non-magical world: a man in Chinatown known as “The Dragon”. He won’t help Rumple, but he will help Regina. He tries to open the portal, but can’t. Henry says there is magic in New York if you know where to find it. Throwing pennies into a fountain and making a wish is magic if you believe it. The heroes follow Henry’s lead and make their wishes, but it isn’t enough. Henry gets the crowd around them to believe and make their own wishes.

Jekyll wakes up and goes to the group, apologizing for not fixing the wand. He gets them out of jail and outside as they try to figure out where they are. It’s the Land of Untold Stories, a place for outcasts. He shows them the serum he created, which allows people to split in half. The Warden shows up and injects the serum and Hyde splits from him. They run, but are cornered by Hyde as coins start to rain from the sky. A portal opens and everyone escapes including Jekyll.

Regina takes some time when Snow shows up to comfort her. Regina admits she wants to get rid of the Evil Queen. Snow gives her serum she took from Hyde, that can split someone’s other half away from them. Regina takes the serum and then pulls the Evil Queen’s heart out and crushes it.

Hyde and Evil Queen

The group returns to Storybrooke. Regina without her Evil Queen, Emma with Hook happy, Henry with a girl he loves and Regina destroys the crystal. But then Hyde shows up. Turns out when everyone came out of the portal, Rumple went in. He found Hyde and when Rumple threatened him, he said he knew how to wake Belle. In exchange for that info, he had Rumple take him to Storybrooke. Which is now his.

Lastly, the Evil Queen shows up in Chinatown setting up the battle between Hero Regina and Dark Regina.

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