Barry returns from the speed force with unprecedented confidence, which worries the rest of his team mates. Barry is acting as if he is invincible, telling everyone that the speed force is on their side and that nothing can stop them from beating Zoom. His team mates approach him throughout the episode, trying to instill caution in the midst of his extreme over-confidence. And for a time that confidence seemed to be justified as he and the team manage to take down Black Canary’s doppleganger Black Siren and the rest of Zoom’s meta-human army, leaving Zoom on his own. However, just as everyone starts to celebrate their victory and Zoom’s retreat, he returns to kidnap Henry and faces Barry in a confrontation at his childhood home. Zoom is determined to prove to Barry that deep down they are the same, that all it will take is the tragic death of his father to turn him to evil. Despite Barry’s pleas, Zoom apparently kills Henry right in front of him.


Zoom does let Caitlin go and she returns to her friends at STAR Labs, happy to be away from Zoom but deeply traumatized by her captivation. She has hallucinations of Zoom that disturb her daily life, and she tells Cisco that she feels like she will never be whole again, that she will never feel safe. Cisco promises her that she will, in time, and comforts her as best he can. As Cisco notes, her reaction is reasonable, having just escaped the clutches of a psychopath. Poor Caitlin has had some pretty bad luck with men in general, but she has a peculiar and beautiful strength that allows her to bounce back stronger and more giving than before.


Ever since Wally was rescued by the Flash, he feels like he has a lot to make up for – for the kind of selfish person he had been before. He’s determined to help, despite Joe’s insistence that he stay out of the way where its safe. Lucky for the Flash that Wally ignored Joe, because he’s able to knock down Black Siren and save the incapacitated Flash. In the end, Joe accepts that he can’t keep Wally safe, that Wally is going to do what he thinks is right regardless of the risk. Joe tells Wally that he’s proud of him. And so does Jesse, who seems to be pairing up with Wally.


In fact, everyone is pairing up. Not only are Jesse and Wally enjoying a sweet flirtation, but Henry Allen and Dr. Tina McGee seem to have a thing for each other. After an all too brief respite following a satisfying victory, Barry and Iris decide to give their relationship a try. The happiness is short lived, however, when Cisco vibes the destruction of Earth-2 and Zoom interrupts a cheery toast over a celebratory dinner to whisk Henry away.